Don't let COVID kill medical freedom

Don't let COVID kill medical freedom

Mask mandates are only the beginning. Bottom line: your sole right to choose your own medical decisions is sacred, whether it’s masks, vaccines, medications, or anything else.

Do you really want politicians deciding these things for you? If not, then you need to join us today while we still have time to stop the coming wave of medical mandates.

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Save Your Medical Freedom

Mask mandates are just the beginning.

If government can force you to wear a mask, it can also force you to take a vaccine, dictate your medications, take away your privacy, and silence your voice. The question is, do you still want to be free?

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Become scary—to the politicians

Become scary—to the politicians

Most elections are decided by only 3-4% of the population. Those people are almost always single-issue voters. Nothing scares politicians more than when these people mobilize in large numbers—not even virus pandemics.

Learn how to become politically powerful and scare the heck out of politicians by attending a Political Leadership School provided by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership!

Become Scary

For freedom’s sake, disobey

For freedom’s sake, disobey

Here’s the deal: only you can make you wear a mask.

When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. author unknown

Civil Disobedience 101

Petition to #UnmaskSC

Tell your state and local elected officials you will not relinquish your medical freedom.

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