Become Scary—to the politicians

Become Scary—to the politicians

Q: What’s scarier to a politician than a pandemic?

A: You, if you’re an angry voter with a small army of friends that could decide their re-election.

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Morton Blackwell, a longtime political activist from Virginia, once said:

Political fights are decided by the number and the effectiveness of the activists on each side of the issue.

Our only chance of saving medical freedom in South Carolina from the coordinated attacks that are coming over the next two years is if motivated #UnmaskSC activists learn how to scare the heck out of their public officials by doing effective activism.

Right now, the “Karen”s are beating us to death. (Sometimes literally.)

Between them and the media, many politicians feel that if they don’t take our medical right to choose to wear a mask (among other things), that they will lose their re-election.

We can change that. True political power—forcing politicians to do the right thing or replacing them with someone else who will—is much easier to achieve than you might think.

We’ve partnered with the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership to bring their excellent Political Leadership School to your area so that you can learn how save medical freedom in South Carolina!

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