No one likes having to wear a mask all day. Some even have physical side effects like maskne, difficulty breathing, skin breakdown, staph infections, or dental issues, but still they comply. More surprisingly, plenty of people don’t believe masks work, but they wear them anyway.

Why do they do this?

1. Some people really believe that masks slow the spread of Covid.

These folks really believe that masks are just the right thing to do. Any side effects they experience are worth it to them if it stops just one person from dying.

2. Some people don’t know if masks work, but they are too busy to deal with it, and just trust the experts.

We’re all busy, tired, and stressed out right now. It takes a lot of time and effort to separate fact from fiction. But it is dangerous to trust the experts.

They’ve been getting it wrong for centuries. Remember how experts used to say that the earth was flat? Or how experts used to tell us to spray kids down with DDT to stop mosquitos? They meant well, but they were wrong.

Get the facts about masks

3. Some people don’t believe masks work, but they don’t want to stir the pot or to be different.

The Asch Conformity Experiments show just how powerful the urge to conform can be.

Like the people in the experiment, some of the people who wear masks know better, but they do it anyway because everyone else is.

Sometimes you can pick them out by the mask on their chin. There is nothing noble about their halfhearted compliance, no altruism to see here. It’s just plain old everyday cowardice.


Group one, our hat’s off to you. Carry on.

Group two, please do some research and some critical thinking before you get hurt.

Group three—one day something truly evil will come along, and you will find to your horror that you’ve gone with the crowd so long that you are quite literally incapable of saying no. Wake up now, before that happens to you.

We can all do better, to think and act for ourselves, to make our decisions on the most reliable information that we can find, and to say “no” when things don’t add up. After all, we’re in this together!