Drop the Gavel on Mask Mandates

Drop the Gavel on Mask Mandates

Local mask mandates are illegal, but it doesn’t matter if no one is willing to step up and enforce the law.

We have an attorney who is willing to waive his fees. Now we just need volunteers who are tough as nails and don’t mind a little negative publicity.

Had enough? Take the next step and join a lawsuit against your town or county.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First, we believe these orders are unconstitutional because they violate the rights to privacy, due process, and equal protection.

Second, we believe these orders violate the state no-mask law (SC Code of Laws § 16-7-110, 16-7-120, and 16-7-140).

Finally, when politicians get in a hurry, they start cutting corners. We expect that we may catch some town governments with legal process violations in how these emergency orders were enacted to begin with.

Going after the Governor can be done, but that’s a much heavier lift legally speaking, and requires substantial funding. One or two business owners are attempting it, and they could use your financial help if you’re willing to chip in here:

Tony McCurry lawsuit GoFundMe

Here’s the dirty little secret: the Governor does not have the resources to adequately enforce his statewide mask orders, so he is almost completely reliant on local town and county governments to enforce their own mask orders.

Fortunately, it’s actually quite a bit easier to go after these smaller tyrants.

Not necessarily, but it will be easier to establish standing if you do. If you live in a county that has a county mandate (such as Charleston County), that’s just as good.

Yes! Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, Esq. has filed 15 such lawsuits against local governments in Florida. He won many of them, and even when he didn’t win in court, he still won politically, because it made a lot of towns reconsider imposing or renewing their mask mandates.

We’d like to see that happen here in South Carolina! We just need volunteers who live, work, and shop in areas with mask mandates.

We believe this will accomplish several things:

  1. Many local mask mandates are coming up for renewal soon. If enough local lawsuits get filed, it will discourage towns and counties all over South Carolina from renewing their mandates.
  2. Some towns will keep their mandates, but will carve exceptions into them that make them unenforceable.
  3. The evidence against masks and the political agenda behind the mask mandates will be revealed for all to see.
  4. Some towns and counties that don’t yet have a mask order will reconsider doing so if they know they face a substantial risk of getting sued. They’d rather spend the money on town projects—spending money on lawyers doesn’t help politicians get re-elected.

We have an attorney who has volunteered to waive his fees. This knocks the costs down to only about $250-$500, which will be needed to pay the nominal fees that every court charges for filing lawsuits, motions, etc.

Most people can easily pay this amount out of pocket, or get a dozen friends or family members to fund it.

No! In fact, we’d prefer you didn’t do anything, and let us do our work in court.

We only need three things from you:

  1. Your permission to use your name and add you as a party to a lawsuit against your town or county.
  2. Your commitment to seeing this through if it gets rough. We can’t have people flaking out if they start getting smeared in the local paper or get nasty calls or messages (or God forbid, threats).
  3. Enough funds to cover the nominal court fees associated with filing the lawsuit paperwork (no more than $250-$500).