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Petition to Unmask South Carolina

Government that can make us put on a mask can make us do anything else it pleases. We must not give up our medical freedoms: not now, not ever.

Dear elected official:

Each person has the SOLE right to decide their own medical decisions—whether it is to wear a mask, get a vaccine, or any other medical decision.

Informed consent, the right to evidence and a second opinion, the right to explore alternatives, the right to privacy, the right to not be harmed, the right to speak freely—these are not unreasonable, they are fundamental.

When you mandate a medical decision, you presume that the state knows best, when in fact you do not have the information needed, nor the authority to make the decision for the patient. You will therefore inevitably cause harm, in violation of the Hippocratic Oath (“first, do no harm”).

Mask mandates in particular are not evidence-based medical decisions. The experts do not agree on whether universal masking in non-medical settings is effective at stopping viral spread. While there is “emerging evidence” to show that it does, the research is following the public policy, when it should be the other way around.

This “emerging evidence” contradicts every prior study on mask efficacy up until the mask mandates went into effect and are therefore suspect of being tainted by outside political influence or observer bias. Furthermore, those researchers who remained candid on this issue have been pressured to take political positions that their own research does not support.

Be advised that as your constituent, I value my medical freedom and I will not be spooked into giving it up. I will not be nannied by the state, I will not be compliant, and I will consider any elected official a tyrant who tries to dictate medical decisions to me and my family.

I expect you to do your job by opposing any and all medical mandates on masks and vaccines.


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